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Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Clouds are in the sky, not in a box – Drop the Box

SKYSITE is a file sharing, document distribution, and project collaboration app that guarantees your teams are always working from the latest set.

SKYSITE helps General Contractors, Specialty Trade Contractors, Facilities Managers, and Construction Managers:

  • Organize project documents fast for quick project starts
  • Efficiently manage RFIs
  • Ensure the entire project team always works from the latest set
  • Automatically synchronize updates to the project teams’ desktops and tablets
  • Manage construction photos, RFIs, and punch lists with a single login
  • ONE CLICK share projects, folders, files, blueprints, photos, and bid packages
  • Easily markup drawings in the field and share in seconds
  • Lower project risk with document versioning, user audit trails, and reporting
  • Closeout faster with accurate, easy-to-organize as-builts


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