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About Us

About Us

Two Generations of Business Know-How Ready to Serve You

In Charleston, we know the lay of the land. Since the Swartz Family opened the doors of A+E in 1996, we’ve specialized in digital printing and document management. Over the years, we’ve picked up some new skills along the way, and are now proud to offer marketing services as well. You can expect a great outcome to your next project with us, regardless of the services you choose.

Business owners depend on A+E’s innovation, reliability and quality. The Swartz family’s accomplishments and integrity in the field of construction reprographics has led to those same exacting standards for printing of all types, document management, and marketing services. As our services and reputation have grown, we’ve gained clients in a variety of industries including retail, government, education, healthcare, hospitality, real estate and manufacturing.

Core Values & Mission

A+E is a visual communications company you can rely on. Dependability is the benchmark of our service. We thrive on accuracy and quality regardless of size of the order or scale of the assignment. We believe in entrepreneurial pursuits and philanthropic missions, and will do whatever is necessary to ensure project success. Our frank, open communication and transparent collaboration creates the foundation for sustainable business relationships.

Brand Truth

A+E Clients can count on personalized customer attention and the Swartz Family Commitment to unconditional customer satisfaction across all company service lines . . . digital printing, marketing services and document management.


A+E contributes its time, talent and innovative resources to customer success. Daily, company principals and associates strive to create and perfect integrated digital printing, marketing and document solutions that contribute to the growth and sustainability of businesses we work for.

We Want Our Customers to Succeed

Our talented team has the mindset to proactively support client needs. We take the time to get to know our customers and value our relationships with them. This allows us to present the best solutions to our clients with outstanding results.