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Bid Management

Bid Management

A+E introduced bid management to the Low Country over 15 years ago… and we’re still breaking ground.

We’ve mastered documenting the construction life-cycle:

  • Design – digital printing, CAD services
  • Bid – management, document distribution
  • Construction – version control for legal construction documents, distribution of revisions to plan holders
  • Closeout – scan and archive, CAD services

Our bid process is secure, fair, and efficient.

A+E offers bid management services to fit a variety of needs.

Our fully-managed bid service is geared towards developers, architects, and engineers, and for general contractors, we offer a self-administered bid management solution. No matter which category you fall into, A+E’s experts will assist you in making an informed decision that’s best for your business:

A+E’s bid management process:

  • Receive bid documents
  • Set-up and publish project online in A+E’s Plan Room
  • Index plans by discipline and sheet number
  • Create digital and hard copies – download legal copies on file for accuracy
  • Manage and publish subsequent addenda, file legal copies of same for accuracy
  • Publish plan holders’ list
  • Publish and disseminate latest filings to plan holders’ list
  • Collect fees and deposits

Our clients and users can count on content capture, management, retention and delivery. We usually publish within 24 hours!
The end game is simple to understand; the playing field for bidders is leveled by our process, and owners/owner representatives receive the bidder’s best bid first. Let A+E manage your bid and simplify your project!